Office web app 2013 not working after update


For more information about office web app check out Office Web Apps Server overview


Office web app 2013 not working after download and install windows update and you will see the following error when you try to preview any documents ( word , excel , powerpoint ..etc ) in sharepoint .

OWA Error

server error were sorry an error has occurred weve logged the error for the server


This problem occurs because the office web app not support windows update and you can check in this microsoft artical Plan Office Web Apps Server

Microsoft says .. 

Applying Office Web Apps Server updates by using the Microsoft automatic updates process isn’t supported with Office Web Apps Server. Updates to an Office Web Apps Server must be applied in a specific way, as described in Apply software updates to Office Web Apps Server. If Office Web Apps Server updates are applied automatically, users might be unable to view or edit documents in Office Web Apps. If this happens, you have to rebuild your Office Web Apps Server farm.


What’s going on?

You will notice that the rate of cpu used on office web app server between 98% to 100% .


What is the solution?

  1. First of all make sure to stop automatic windows update on office web app server ( from control panel -> Windows update -> change settings -> Important updates -> select ” check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them ) to make sure the problem not occurs again .
  2. We need to recreate office web app farm by using the same command when you’re create it in first time , as the following :
  • Open PowerShell then :

  • This command for removes the current server from the Office Web Apps Server farm.
Import-module OfficeWebApps
  • Import office web app module to create a new farm.
New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalUrl “https://owa01.domain.local” -ExternalUrl “” –CertificateName “OWA_Internal” –EditingEnabled
  • This Command for create new office web app farm.

When you get output that the farm was successfully created , check the CPU it shoud be return to normal status , if CPU still 100% restart the server .

For more information on the New-OfficeWebAppsFarm syntax is available

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