SharePoint Error : Windows server appfabric is not correctly configured when sharepoint 2013 installation

Hi Guys ,

In sometime we need to install sharepoint prerequisite offline .. After we installed all prerequisite and when we try to install sharepoint 2013 server we face the following error :

Windows server appfabric is not correctly configured. you should uninstall windows server appfabric



So this happens when you installing winodws server appfabric manually that means we need to install it thru prerequisite application by running the following command :

PrerequisiteInstaller.exe /appfabric:[Full AppFabric Installer path]

For example : prerequisiteInstaller.exe /appfabric:c:\InstallAF\WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe

That’s all ,





SharePoint End User : How to create survey in SharePoint 2013

Hi guys ,​

I will write a quick tutorial about how to create survey on SharePoint 2013 ..

Steps ..

  • In Team Site , from the left menu select site content.
  • We need to add new survey app so click on add an app.
  • Search for survey then click on it.
  • Then you will see the pop up that will ask you to enter the name of the survey.
  • Click on the new survey library.
  • Here we have a lot of features as the following :
    • Respond to this survey ( for end users )
    • Action
    • Settings
    • Show a graphical summary of responses
    • Show all responses
  • To Create a question from settings select add questions.
  • Now you have a lot of questions type , write the question then select type of question and fill the another settings then to add another question select next question button from the last of page , when you finish select finish button



Enjoy ;)

SharePoint End User