Apple New OS X Maverick for free !!

It’s the first time that apple make the new OS X for free !! and you can upgrade your OS now all you have to do is :

  • Go to app Store
  • Search by Maverick
  • Click Download

It’s very simple and all your files and programs will not lose it ..

I  upgraded my iMac and Macbook pro and I tried the new OS X it’s quick and simple ..

I see a lot of new features but the most feature that I like it is Notifications ( very useful ! )

You can find more information about the new features from apple click here

Or see this video :


Thanks and Enjoy ;)



Names of user profile property in SharePoint

Hi ,

In many situations we need to use user profile properties ( e.g. when we need to display requester name in InfoPath form ).

therefore in the following default user profile property mappings for active directory domain services :

في كثير من الاحيان نحتاج الى استخدام خصائص الملف الشخصي للمستخدم مثلاً لعرض اسم المستخدم او الايميل في نموذج Infopath ، في الجدول التالي مجموعة اسماء المتغيرات في SharePoint وما يقابلها في الـ AD .

User profile property  AD attribute
SPS-DistinguishedName dn
SID objectSid
Manager manager
PreferredName displayName
FirstName givenName
LastName sn
SPS-PhoneticDisplayName msDS-PhoneticDisplayName
SPS-PhoneticFirstName msDS-PhoneticFirstName
SPS-PhoneticLastName msDS-PhoneticLastName
WorkPhone telephoneNumber
WorkEmail mail
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
SPS-JobTitle title
Department department
UserName sAMAccountName
PublicSiteRedirect wWWHomePage
SPS-ProxyAddresses proxyAddresses
SPS-SourceObjectDN msDS-SourceObjectDN


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